KVTO 1400 AM, Listen Live | Berkeley, CA

KVTO 1400 AM, Listen Live | Berkeley, CA

KVTO 1400 AM is a radio station located in Berkeley, California. The KVTO, Inc. corporation owns this radio station and several other radio and television stations around the United States.

KVTO 1400 AM is famous for its dedication to providing high-quality programming to its audience. The station’s programming consists of live and pre-recorded broadcasts offering a variety of topics, including music, news, and chat.

Serving the Asian-American population in the Bay Area is one of the distinguishing characteristics of this radio. The station’s programming is a mixture of English and Asian-language content, and it frequently covers themes of interest to Asian Americans, including politics, culture, and current affairs.

In addition to its over-the-air transmissions, KVTO 1400 AM may be heard online via its website and unique streaming services. Finally, this radio station is a beautiful resource for the Bay Area’s Asian-American community. Its dedication to offering high-quality content and meeting its listeners’ needs has made it a revered institution among its audience.

  • https://us2.maindigitalstream.com/ssl/KVTO
  • KVTO 1400 AM

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