VolnaFM.com – CA, Russian Community Radio

VolnaFM.com - Southern California Russian Community Radio

VolnaFM.com is an online radio station serving California’s Russian communicatory population. The station, which offers a wide range of music and programs in Russian, is accessible online via its website and different streaming providers.

VolnaFM.com was established in 2002 as a reliable source of entertainment and information. The station’s schedule consists of a mixture of live and recorded programs with well-known Russian musicians and hosts.

With outstanding music programs, this station offers its listeners news and information on the Russian-speaking community in Southern California. Local news, cultural concerns, and community activities are its main programs.

Listeners from all around the world can access this radio through its website. A variety of companies and organizations sponsor the station and advertise it.

The Russian community in Southern California can benefit from this radio station. It is a cherished institution among its audience due to the wide variety of programs it offers in Russian and its dedication to meeting their requirements.

  • https://fmradiohub.in/play?url=http://us1.streamingpulse.com:8052/;stream.mp3
  • VolnaFM.com

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