100.7 BIG FM, KFBG 100.7, San Diego, CA- Live

100.7 BIG FM, KFBG 100.7, San Diego, CA

100.7 BIG FM, KFBG 100.7, broadcasts an adult hits and rock format to San Diego, California. Local Media San Diego (Local Media San Diego Acquisition, LLC) is the owner of this radio station. This Radio station shares its studios with LMSD’s other stations in the Sorrento Valley section of San Diego, and its transmitter is atop Mount Soledad in La Jolla. This radio station’s broadcast area is San Diego–Tijuana. Its slogan is “Think Big San Diego. We Play Anything”. On April 6, 2020, they changed the station’s call sign to KFBG. On April 13, 2020, at noon, they rebranded the station as “100.7 Big FM” and declared that it was “a bigger music library” but no on-air staff, as the station will continue without jocky. “We Will Rock You” by Queen was the first song broadcasted on Big FM. The studios also relocated to Sorrento Valley.


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