Hot 97-3 FM, WJZE Listen Live – Toledo, Ohio

Hot 97-3 FM, WJZE Listen Live - Toledo's Blazin', Ohio

Hot 97-3 FM, WJZE is a US radio station located in Hartford, Connecticut, and it broadcasts on 97.3 FM. The station is owned by iHeartMedia and broadcasts under the Hot 97-3 FM brand. It serves the More prominent Hartford region and is fundamentally centered around playing hip jump and R&B music.

Hot 97-3 FM, WJZE has been in Hartford since the 1940s when it started out as WJZX. The station’s ownership and format have changed a few times over the years, but it has remained one of the best urban music stations in the area. WJZE broadcasts local news and weather updates, traffic reports, and community events in addition to playing music.

One of the station’s unique projects is the “Sweltering 97 Morning Show,” which is facilitated by Bill Bellamy. Notwithstanding the morning show, WJZE additionally communicates different projects over the course of the day, including evening drive-time shows and end-of-the-week programming.

WJZE is well-known for its support of local events and charities and has a significant presence in the community. For instance, the station takes part in a few yearly occasions, including the “Toy Drive for Hartford’s Kids” and the “Hip Bounce Culmination,” which is a day-long occasion highlighting unrecorded music, food, and different exercises.

In conclusion, WJZE is a reputable radio station that has been providing services to the Greater Hartford region for a considerable amount of time. The station has a large following among local listeners and a significant presence in the community due to its focus on hip-hop and R&B music. WJZE is a station you should definitely check out if you like hip-hop music or just want to hear great music and local news.

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